Ontario, CA – HTS Chemical is leading manufacturer of proprietary specialty chemical products and application equipment for commercial and industrial concrete flooring applications.  HTS produces a line of high performance polyurea joint fillers, lithium-based densifiers and hardeners, guards and sealers, polyurethane concrete repair products and specialty application equipment.  HTS Chemical continuously works with contractors and architects to engineer and manufacture products that solve problems and exceed expectations.


Fort Worth, TX – Eagle Polymers, LLC is a formulator and manufacturer of polyurethane foams for a variety of end markets.  The company specializes in demanding applications where the cost of failure is high and performance is critical.  Eagle Polymer’s foams are specified by some of the most sophisticated users of foams in the world.


Amarillo, TX – Smart Chemical Services is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty oilfield chemicals. The company utilizes a unique process for evaluating and providing chemical solutions that increase the performance and profitability of oil and gas operations.  Smart Chemical Services was founded by Lloyd Brown, Jeffrey Snider and Scott Jones in 2008. Headquartered in Amarillo, it operates in major oil and gas production regions in the U.S., including satellite offices including Denver, Dallas and Midland. Our chemicals can be found throughout the midwest, southern and eastern U.S.


Ennis, TX – Genesis Custom Chemical Blending manufactures high-quality custom blends and formulas specifically designed for the needs of their customers.  With 50+ years of combined chemical manufacturing experience, Genesis understands the challenges of the water treatment, agricultural, personal care and oil & gas industries.  Genesis Custom Chemical Blending partners with customers from the beginning to develop the right process to provide the highest-quality and most cost-effective solution.